Rope Lighting is in fashion nowadays


Hello world,
The last few months I used to work a lot, so there was no time for DIYs. However, I managed to find some to create a rope lighting for my living room. It was really easy, fast and cheap to do.

What will you need?

  1.  2 meters thick rope. (2 euros)
  2.  2 meters aluminum pipe (3 euros)
  3.  5 meters electric cable (1 euro)
  4.  1 plug with on/off (2 euros)
  5.  1 ntoui (1 euro)
  6.  1 lamp (1 euro)

Total money: 10 euros
Total time: 1 hour
Experience Level: Medium

Step 1) Buy everything

Step 2) Insert the cable inside the pipe

Inserting the cable into the rope
Inserting the cable into the rope


Step 3) Insert the pipe inside the rope.


Inserting pipe into rope
Inserting pipe into rope


Step 4) Connect the plug and the ntoui. (If you are not sure how to do it, ask an electrician)

Step 5) Test that it works.

Step 6) If yes, shape the lighting the way you want.


diy rope lighting (7)
Step 7) You are done.
diy rope lighting (6)

Step 8) Take a nice photo of it, upload it on Pinterest, and you will be cool.
diy rope lighting (5)

Step 9) You can also use the rope for the ceiling lights.

diy rope lighting (4)

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